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About us

Logiciels Info-Data is a Quebec based company founded in 1996 where human contact, integrity and product quality are at the heart of our practices.

We offer a range of diversified products and services, including the government-certified Electronic Medical Record Ofys, a medical billing agency Acto, and the RAMQ billing software Med-Office, compliant with SYRA.

Ofys and Med-Office are used by thousands of doctors and medical staff throughout Quebec and New Brunswick.

Our history

Passionate about both medicine and all things technology, the internist Dr. Patrice Drolet became a self-taught IT specialist when he was a young adult. In 1994, because he wasn’t satisfied with the solutions available on the market, he decided to develop his own medical billing software. Impressing his colleagues by his product, he started to make his software available for his co-workers at a low cost, not seeking to make a profit but rather to offer a quality alternative.

Driven by the enthusiasm of his colleagues and his entrepreneurial ambitions, he officially incorporated his company in 1996 and first developed a software for dentists, with patient record and schedule management. At the time, he is still a full-time internal medicine specialist in the Canadian Armed Forces and is the father of four young children: he is a real enthusiast !

Since the start of Info-Data, the CEO's decisions have always been centered on ensuring the sustainability of the company, and following his values is a priority at the top of his list. Guided by the desire to offer a first-class product that meets the needs of health professionals, he is the opposite of the entrepreneur who wants to conquer at the expense of quality.

Today, he is surrounded by a qualified and multidisciplinary team and the company has the wind in its sails. Its star product Ofys, a government certified Electronic Medical Record, is the clinical tool by excellence. It has a direct link to government medical softwares such as Dossier Santé Québec, CNESST and CRDS-Safir, and electronically receives laboratory and exam results. Ofys is a real turnkey product for any health facility wishing to computerize their practice. Logiciels Info-Data is constantly striving to innovate and fine-tune its products to help health professionals in the task of providing patient care.


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Contribution to centraide (United Way)

Since the founding of Logiciels Info-Data inc. twenty years ago, each year a portion of company profits is donated to Centraide (United Way) and contributes to the Charron-Drolet fund. The annual income of this fund is given each year to selected organizations in Quebec.